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Malamanteaus are hard to think up, so help us come up with some good ones and we'll help keep the word alive. The wikipedia community is convinced this neologism isn't going to last, so let's prove them wrong. Check out our facebook or hit us up on twitter! Remember, a malamanteau is the combination of a malapropism (similar sounding word) and a portmanteau (a combination of two words)

Malamanteau: Miscommunicado

- Definition: To miscommunicate something while out of communication
- Portmanteau: miscommunicate + incommunicado
- Malapropism: miscommunicate and incommunicado

Malamanteau - XKCD Wiki

Malamanteau: Flustrate

- Definition: To be both flustered and frustrated
- Portmanteau: fluster + frustrate
- Malapropism: fluster and frustrate

Source: Wordnick - Malamanteau

Malamanteau: Masillerterate

Definition: What the stock market crash did to the economy
Portmanteau: masil + ilterate
Malapropism: obliterate

Source: Personal Money Store: Malamanteau | Defining a new word

Malamanteau: Misconscrew

- Definition: Misconstrue and also screw up
- Portmanteau: misconstrue + screw
- Malapropism: misconstrue

Source: Wordnick - Malamanteau

Malamanteau: Mallomanteau

- Definition: A mixture of a mallomar and any other dessert
- Portmanteau: marshmallow + portmanteau
- Malapropism: malamanteau

Source: Wordnick - Malamanteau


A malamanteau is a neologism for a portmanteau created by incorrectly combining a malapropism with a neologism. It itself is a portmanteau of malapropism and portmanteau.

The word was most famously defined in an XKCD comic and caused significant disruption in the wikipedia community.

It was most prominently featured as news on Slashdot

The wikipedia entry for malamanteau is currently under debate.

- Not all malamanteaus are by nature neologisms. They simply need to be a combined word (portmanteau) that is used incorrectly in place of another correct word (malapropism).

- A malamanteau must have it's own separate meaning as a combined word (portmanteau)

- A malamanteau must sound similar enough to another word to be used incorrectly (malapropism)

Either way we'll post them if they sound good! :)


A neologism is a newly coined word that may be in the process of entering common use.


Malamanteau - Coined by XKCD comic creator Randall Munroe


A malapropism is the misuse of a word which sounds like another correct word.


Commiserate versus. Commensurate

Persecuted vs. Prosecuted

Elevate vs. Alleviate


A portmanteau is a blend of two words and their meanings into one new word.

Smoke + Fog = Smog

Wiki + Encyclopedia = Wikipedia

Spiced + Ham = Spam