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Malamanteaus are hard to think up, so help us come up with some good ones and we'll help keep the word alive. The wikipedia community is convinced this neologism isn't going to last, so let's prove them wrong. Check out our facebook or hit us up on twitter! Remember, a malamanteau is the combination of a malapropism (similar sounding word) and a portmanteau (a combination of two words)

Factoids and Realities

Blogger AUTONERD had some funny comments about the Malamanteau on their blog post: Shadows of Inner Self - Malamanteau: Factoids and Realities
Neologistic Factoids:

- Every time you say, Malamanteau, God kills a Wikipedia editor.

- If you say a malamanteau three times in a row, Bloody Malamary will appear and link you to the Wikipedia page on portmanteaus.

- Bloody Malamary wears a Mala Manteau jacket, and enjoys sandwiches made with a specific mix of marmalade and marmite, known as Pacifimite.

- During 2010, investigators managed to make significant breakthroughs in their attempts to track down and apprehend Bloody Malamary, due to reference information about malamanteaus that was published on Wikipedia.

Too funny!
Keep an eye out for those wild malamanteau(s/x) and let us know if you see any!

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