Send us your malamanteau suggestions

Malamanteaus are hard to think up, so help us come up with some good ones and we'll help keep the word alive. The wikipedia community is convinced this neologism isn't going to last, so let's prove them wrong. Check out our facebook or hit us up on twitter! Remember, a malamanteau is the combination of a malapropism (similar sounding word) and a portmanteau (a combination of two words)

Roses are Red, Malamanteaus are ?

Floating Sheep came up with the fun idea to create a poem out of some of their favorite Wikipedia items, and Malamanteau mad the list!

Malamanteau and the Floatingsheep tribute to Wikipedia

Here's our list. Bonus points to anyone that can combine them all into a poem.
Global Orgasm
Infinite Monkey Theorem
Accessory breast

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